The question is not, Why Delta? The question is, Why anything else?

or, Why buying networking from your machine vendor may not be a smart move.

Of the many firsts VeriStitch is responsible for bringing to the machine networking world, three things in particular have brought significant productivity and maintainability benefits to our customers:

Since we created this market years ago and provided product that performs as promised, machine vendors have struggled to develop and introduce products that attempt to imitate our technology. That leaves you, the customer, in the position of deciding to whom you want to entrust your machine networking.

Once you spend some time answering the following questions, we're confident that you'll see the wisdom in entrusting your machine networking to VeriStitch, the industry's networking specialists.

10 Questions to Ask About an Embroidery Machine Network Before Buying

1. Does the network connect every machine on the floor, including your older models?

If the network only works with "the latest machine model," is the promise of networking being used as a motivational tool to get you to buy newer machines?

Why customers choose Delta:

2. Does the network connect different manufacturers machines?

Or does it work only with the machines sold by the machine vendor offering the network? In our experience, larger operations tend to purchase machines that are right for their particular production centers. Maybe you will find a Brother is best for certain things, but prefer a Melco Amaya, Barudan or Tajima for other things.

Why customers choose Delta:

3. Does the network support both push and pull design access?

Push systems require someone at a central computer or software interface to stage a design for a specific machine. When the machine operator requests the next design, he or she gets whatever has been staged. Pull systems allow the machine operator to specify the design they want to load right at the machine. Push systems are the easiest to implement, but double the work it takes to get a design to a machine. A pull system is more sophisticated and best fits the workflow of large U.S. decorative sewing operations.

Why customers choose Delta:

4. Does the network allow designs to be referenced by job/work order numbers, or is the design name/number the only reference to a design?

In some operations, the machine operator works with a job or work order number, not the design number.

Why customers choose Delta:

5. How large of a design library can the network handle, and how does it store designs if it stores them at all?

Our experience is that a customer's design library is always growing, and they want all of their designs available to the production floor. Most of our customers have libraries that exceed 20,000 designs; some have libraries that number into the 6-figure range.

Why customers choose Delta:

6. What client software is available for accessing the design database?

Nothing is more important than to be able to see exactly what design is on file to be downloaded to the production machine that will run an order. Will your people be able to do that?

Why customers choose Delta:

7. Is the network software a shrink-wrap solution?

Does the vendor also offer order entry integration or other custom programming that may be needed to get the most out of your investment?

Why customers choose Delta:

8. Who do you call when there are problems with the network?

Does the vendor have people on staff who are networking savvy, or are they machine techs who are trying their best to deal with what is essentially a foreign technology to them?

Why customers choose Delta:

9. What sort of track record does the network have?

Are there references you can call to discuss reliability of the product and the reputation the vendor has for supporting the product? Are there installations you can visit to actually see the network being used in production to support 100 or more machines?

Why customers choose Delta:

10. This last question is more about you than the network, and it is simply this: Do you feel lucky?

Well, do you? If you're going to bet your business on an unproven product, your answer to this question had better be, Yes. On the other hand, if you want to leave luck out of the picture, bet your business on a sure thing: reliable, proven networking from the industry leader. So, what are you waiting for? Contact a sales representative now.

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