Today's VeriStitch rooted in industry experience & product successes

VeriStitch, Inc., is a technology development company dedicated to bringing state-of-the-art products and enterprise solutions to the decorative sewing industry. Long before VeriStitch was incorporated in 1993, Jerry Kahn, VeriStitch President and chief engineer, was creating technology solutions for the embroidery industry.

As far back as 1989, Kahn was offering his ELI 2000 product at a trade show in the Miami area. ELI 2000 turned a common PC into an embroidery disk reader, design previewer, editor, and design library that could download designs to embroidery machines of any manufacture. It was at that show that representatives from Macpherson Meistergram saw Kahn's work and, liking what they saw, picked up distribution of ELI. Thus began Kahn's long association with Macpherson as distributor of his products.

By 1991, Kahn had developed an embroidery machine networking product called Design-Net, which was a cabled system that allowed a single PC to download designs to multiple embroidery machines of any manufacture. "The core design principle of this system proved so rock-solid," says Kahn, "that it formed the basis for the original version of the Delta Industrial Sewing Network."

By 1992, Kahn took what he knew about embroidery disk formats and conversions and put that knowledge to work in the Alpha and Beta disk reader units. These proved highly popular, especially with the early embroidery machines that had only tape readers and no design memory. And they sold for a fraction of the price that the machine manufacturers were asking for their disk readers. The Alpha and Beta disk readers remained in production until just recently, with thousands of units in the field working flawlessly every day in embroidery shops all over the world.

Some time in 1995, Kahn's interest in embroidery machine networking was rekindled when he saw an ad for an RF modem with specifications and pricing that made it usable in a wireless networking product. Reflecting on the wisdom of a wireless networking product Kahn said, "I knew wireless was the best approach for embroidery machine networking from my experience with cabled networks. In factories, the electrical wiring is often not what it should be and you can end up toasting whatever is connected to the network including cables, computers, you name it. With a wireless network, the system is completely decoupled from the individual machines. It's a much more reliable solution."

By the end of 1995, Kahn had proved the wireless concept with a prototype system and set about working out the rest of the details required to bring the product to market. Today, Delta ISN and its companion monogramming product Delta MCS are in place on the production floors of some of the most notable industry giants including Williams Sonoma, Ashworth, Cutter & Buck, Disney Direct Marketing, Lands' End, and L.L. Bean to name a few.

Kahn works with equal comfort at designing hardware and coding in assembly language for his embedded products and developing in C and Visual FoxPro on the software end. He has achieved Microsoft certification in Visual FoxPro development and continues to develop his skills as both an engineer and industry consultant. In recognition of his long-time association with the industrial sewing industry, he was invited to speak at a break-out session at Bobbin '98 on the subject of machine networking.

Now to the present, Kahn has teamed up with Larry Russell to market and support the wide range of embroidery products now available from Veristitch and its affiliates. The company’s developmental focus now includes web based embroidery API products to support the ever evolving embroidery industry. Our offices are in Hutchinson KS. and Charlotte NC.

"Our history of creating innovative technology solutions for the embroidery and monogramming industries and our recent successes with Delta ISN, Delta MCS and Direct to Sew uniquely position us as the industry's preferred large enterprise networking provider," says Kahn.


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