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Custom Programming Sets Us Apart

VeriStitch develops hardware and software solutions optimized for the high-volume embroidery and sewn lettering specialty market. Instead of offering mass-produced, shrink-wrap solutions, we handcraft our products to do what our customers need them to do. We routinely develop order entry integration and other custom programming for our customers so that they can get the most out of their investment in our products and improve their productivity as much as possible with our solutions.

To improve our ability to add value to our products, we do all of the hardware and software development right here in the U.S. so that we can respond rapidly to your unique requests. Here is a sampling of some of the custom work we've done for various customers over the years:

  • Created custom interface to order entry system to pass order information through Delta to machine operators, thus eliminating paper work orders
  • Developed customized reports to meet the special needs of management information analysts
  • Developed colored logo solution to display logo previews at graphical terminal in thread colors specified in work order
  • Integrated Delta networking into a customer-developed production floor management system involving server-to-server communication between warehousing and garment control systems. You can read about that project here: Manual Needle Assignments are History on High-Tech Production Floor

So, whatever your needs, you can be sure that we can meet them. Have questions about a custom programming project? Give us a call to find out all that is possible to improve your bottom line.