An Open Invitation to Machine Manufacturers

VeriStitch always welcomes it when a machine manufacturer expresses the desire to integrate their machines with the Delta Industrial Sewing Network. VeriStitch honors its mutual non-disclosure agreements with all cooperating machine manufacturers to foster an unencumbered and confidential interchange of information with the goal of providing the customer with the machine solution they consider to be best for them. VeriStitch maintains a machine-neutral position with our customers and does not promote one machine brand over another. If you are a machine manufacturer and would like to work with us to integrate your machines to Delta ISN, please feel free to contact us anytime.

Advantages of a Fully Integrated Machine Solution

A fully integrated machine solution provides a two-way communication path between Delta ISN and the machine. This means that, whatever data the machine is capable of reporting, Delta ISN can capture it and provide that data in the form of real-time displays and reports. Depending on the capabilities of the machine, certain types of automation may additionally be achieved via full integration.

Most machines that are not fully integrated into Delta ISN can still be supported by Delta ISN in a download-only environment. In this type of implementation, communication between Delta ISN and the machine is one-way only, which allows for pattern downloads. Generally speaking, any machine that can receive a pattern download through a serial port from a standard serial device, or to a tape port from a standard tape device, can be supported by Delta ISN in a download-only environment. On production floors where other production tracking methods have been implemented, or production tracking is not desired, a download-only interface to Delta ISN may be sufficient.

List of Cooperating Machine Manufacturers

The following machine manufacturers integrate with VeriStitch Delta ISN.

-Barudan Embroidery Machines

-Barudan Monogram Machines

-Brother International

-Melco Industries

-SWF (SunStar Co Ltd)



List of Cooperating Software Vendors

The following software vendors have cooperated with VeriStitch to fully integrate certain technologies with Delta products.

D.V. Brown Company

D.V. Brown Company has worked with VeriStitch to integrate the following technologies with VeriStitch products:

For more information about the type of automation that EmbTrak can be used to enable on your production floor, read the article Manual Needle Assignments are History on High-Tech Production Floor

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