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Reliable, Standards-Based Machine Networking for the
High-Volume Embroiderer

What do the largest domestic U.S. catalog houses and high-volume embroiderers have in common? They all trust their machine networking to the Delta Industrial Sewing Network (Delta ISN). Delta ISN delivers reliable, standards-based networking that satisfies the unique technology requirements of high-volume embroiderers.

  • No more pattern diskettes! That's right. Delta ISN can remove the drudgery of dealing with hundreds of pattern diskettes every day on your embroidery production floor. Once a pattern is loaded into the Delta ISN database, it's immediately available to all machines on the floor. Eliminate the time operators and supervisors spend hunting up the latest pattern diskette for an order.
  • LAN/WAN connectivity. With Delta ISN and Delta client software, you can provide access to information in the Delta database to client PCs on your local network and at remote facilities over the corporate WAN.
  • Deploy wireless or wired. Either way, you're getting state of the art, reliable TCP/IP networking.
  • Custom programming. Custom programming is available to meet the unique needs of your production environment.
  • Management reporting. Delta ISN shines a light into the embroidery production floor by reporting on current job status, what your operators are doing, what your machines are doing and more. Management reporting and real-time machine status are available only with machines from cooperating machine manufacturers that support a full integration of their machines with Delta ISN.

Delta ISN Online Learning Resources

The following resources are available online for you to learn more about Delta ISN: