Direct-to-Sew™ Beta Promoted to Full Production

(Original article date October, 2005) Direct-to-Sew emerged from a successful beta test last month and is now in full production. Our beta testers really put the system through its paces, especially in the area of stitch fidelity of the Brother single-head embroidery machines compared to the monogram machines. Just weeks ago, by unanimous agreement, our beta testers gave Direct-to-Sew the stamp of approval to promote the product from beta to full production status.

Double Blind Taste Test Anyone?

To mark the end of the beta test, our creative beta testers came up with a unique contest to see if anyone could consistently tell the difference between embroidery machine and monogram machine sew outs of the same lettering. In total, they sewed 108 lettering samples, 36 different lettering patterns sewn on the Brother single-head embroidery machine, the 900XLC monogram machine and the B2000 monogram machine. All 108 samples were posted on a display board and employees from the monogram area were invited to mark a form indicating the machine they think each sample was sewn on. The employee with the most accurate entry wins a gift certificate.

We Love a Miserable Failure

It remains to be seen who will win the employee contest, but we do have some inside information on the results of this same contest between Jerry Kahn, VeriStitch President and developer of Direct-to-Sew, and Steve Hobbs, Regional Sales Manager, Brother International. Rumor has it that Jerry got 67 wrong, while Steve got only 63 wrong.

Believe it or not, we're thrilled by this miserable failure of both Jerry and Steve to distinguish between machine sew outs! That means that Direct-to-Sew has successfully reached its design goal: faithfully reproducing the monogram machine sewn look using a straight stitch embroidery machine. The secondary goal was also achieved: using simple text input from an order entry system to create lettering stitch files for embroidery machines with no human intervention.

Direct-to-Sew Replaces Delta Monogram Control System (MCS)

Our beta site has been running Delta MCS for years to automate their monogram machine workflow. The Direct-to-Sew system has replaced Delta MCS now, hosting both the existing population of monogram machines and also the Brother single-head embroidery machines. Hosting the entire machine mix on the one system allows a simple transition as the machine population shifts from monogram machines to embroidery machines. All order entry lettering jobs are made available to all machines regardless of machine type.

Would You Like to Learn More About Direct-to-Sew?

For more information about Direct-to-Sew, visit the Direct-to-Sew home page, contact VeriStitch or talk to our sales associate.

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